Way to Grow!!!

No- it isn't mis-spelled...

This is where I'm going to be blogging about the LEGAL growing and use of cannabis for MEDICAL reasons, and the newly legalized CBD products and their uses-- including recipes!.

It will be a sort of journal of my grow- but I encourage people to write-in with questions on this, or any gardening questions-- as I have been growing "legit' crops for over 20 years!

Hubby and I have made it an almost full-time undertaking to learn as much about the Cannabis plant, it's biology, Chemistry, uses (beyond smoking), and it Medical uses and benefits-- not to mention all the info on every strain (breed or type) of Cannabis (marijuana) on the seed market.

I am NOT endorsing or encouraging people to use, buy, sell or grow Cannabis for ANY reason other than medicinal use, and ONLY under the circumstances that they are or get licensed and keep strictly within the laws of their State as they currently stand.

So-- No info yet- just an Invite to write me and ask your questions.
Only legit growing questions/ issues will be posted.
If you are going to write in to chastise, be a hater or an ass-hat... don't bother-
I won't read it or post it.


Hubby Built me a really neat rolling rack for my clones!  3ft x 4ft rolls under my grow table-- so doubles my space! He even added lighting to the bottom of the table- so I added a couple panels of reflective insul-board on 3 sides to keep in the light.
This works great for people with limited space-- clones go underneith, and as they get big- they go up-top under the bigger lights to veg!

Just remember- you can not flower this way!  Flowering MUST be done in a light-proof area-- complete darkness- not even a pin-hole of light or an electric-appliance indicator light..nada.
However- this works well if you have real limited space and an extra closet for flowering- or can build a cabinet big enough for a few small plants!

Will keep giving info as we go for all New Growers.. and remember-- this is GREAT for Gardeners!!
Starting your Veggies & Flowers indoors gets them a good head-start- and is WAY cheaper than Nursery plants! Just buy yourself some jiffy peat pellets and the trays for them... and get em growing under some compact fluorescent bulbs (The curly household bulbs)  Clamp-lights with splitters allowing them to hold 2 bulbs work great! Just get 3-4 of them and clamp them to a dowel or curtain rod hung from the ceiling!

Keep on a Growin Y'all!


Wow! The babies are really coming along- fast!
All the clones are ready for replanting, and all the gals in 3-gallon planters have gone way past the point where we should have re-planted and re-tied them... they are nearly 3 feet tall!  So Tomorrow and Thursday will be gardening day-- cull the weaklings, clone the best of the bunch, then re-plant and LST  the vegging plants (Low Stress Training--tying them down-hard!)

We do our grows in batches of 6, so we are never over our legal limit (except cuttings- but they get culled down to 6)

Contemplating growing outdoors this year, since we have the right space/area for it and way  to keep it legal. an 8-foot privacy fence and chain-link locked-in space.. all we have to do is cover the top with fencing... but do we have the time and extra money right now? (*sigh*) so many things to do with so little time... spring is so great with the nicer weather and ability to go outside.. but also brings about so many new projects that have a 'deadline'... we'll see what happens!


If you can get a hold of a back-copy...
I wrote an interview for SKUNK Magazine a while back called
"M3: A Better Choice for Your Grow"  in Volume 9 Issue 3
It talks about Michigan Made Mix soil and growing organically.

While I do NOT believe organic is the only way to go (It can be slower and lower your yields) I will not argue that the final product burns cleaner- and MAY be healthier (the vote is still out on that one!)

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