Shariah-type Laws in the USA?? Really? Updated

Since this is from back before the Election- an update IS nessesary...
However- not a lot has changed!

The Tea-Party wing(nuts) of the G.reedy O.ld  P. harts  are STILL talking about Obama's religion and ties to the "Muslim Brotherhood.... Still demanding proof that his parents didn't forge and mail-in his Birth Certificate (That far ahead? Now they believe in psychics?) and talk of "Shariah Lw in the U.S still abounds..

Add the now frantic furor over the possibility of new Gun Laws and the minority of Gun-owners with an apocalyptic mentality(they gunna come take yer guns Paw!) are the ones making the news... and seemingly, the policy.  Since WHEN is "The will of the People" based on a TINY Minority of them?

The Huffington Post & Washington Post  both reported on the recent comments by & about Rick Santurun and his following of Opus Dei.
Why isn't the news reporting on what Opus Dei really is- and about the fact that Santurum says his life is "guided by it's principles?"
This places serious questions on Santurums ability to keep church & state separate if elected...

IF he truely follows Josemaria Escriva's guide to life (The Founder of present-day Opus Dei) then he (Santurum) is bound by it to use the Catholic Church's Dogma and Doctrine in every aspect of his life and work... including a Presidency.

This is scary stuff- do we REALLY want a  Christian version of Sharia Law in America?
This Country was founded to ESCAPE the Catholic Church and those who believed there could be only ONE "national" religion.
Yet this man espouses that this is a "Christian Nation" and supports /is supported by religious leaders who say to either "be a christian or get out".

I realize this is a subject that  the Media is afraid to report on lest they be viewed as anti-christian/catholic; however  it is a serious issue when, a candidate makes statements that lead you to believe (and rightly so) that the strict religious beliefs HE holds would be enforced in our Governement should he be elected; and we know the far-Right G.O.P Senate would follow close behind.