The Fight to "Go Green" continues.... and will for a while! (Updated)

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I am so tired of all the Government rantings about the same old B.S of "Reefer Madness" and "Gateway Drugs" when the topic of legalizing Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) comes up. 
They try to make light of it, and joke about it-- or worse, they demonize it and anyone that speaks up about it. But they will not take it seriously and make serious considerations about how this “prohibition” effects a large number of Americans.

Believe me…as soon as they can figure out how to take the '’criminal element'’ out of importing and producing it...AND how to tax, license and regulate it to make the largest profit possible from it; the U.S Government will legalize Cannabis…not just for medical use, but for everyone.
But it will never happen until they figure out how to control it (the plant), and those who grow it.

It's what they did with alcohol...

Prohibition began in 1919, when making alcohol became illegal- and importing, and the use of alcohol illegal was soon to also become illegal.

Regardless of who was actually “illegally” drinking (MANY Judges and congressmen were found to be frequenting speak-easies) the Government made a HUGE and very PUBLIC show of destroying stills, breweries and making big arrests. They had Public informational films on the “Demons-of-drinking”  and how alcohol made men squander their savings, beat their families, and quit their jobs to “lie about drinking” all day…

Sound familiar?

Same exact rhetoric-- different substance…

This one, Cannabis has NO -- that’s right- ZERO reports of EVER causing an accident, death by overdose, etc… the only time people are found to be out-of-control or violent “on pot” is when they’ve also been-- you guessed it-- DRINKING!

It kills people thru alcohol poisoning, sclerosis of the liver, drunk driving and other acts of violence DAILY….
Yet Alcohol is LEGAL! 
It is an accepted part of society!
It is shown as glamorous, beautiful, FUN… we see it on TV and billboards every day… Yet it is  much more harmful than cannabis, without ANY of the medical benefits.

So why is it still illegal to use or grow Cannabis???

Many believe (falsely) that if it were legal, all those people who are now incarcerated for breaking the drug laws would have to be financially compensated.
That is not so...

There would NOT have to be compensation to those arrested-- the Government would just reduce their sentences & let them out IF there were no other charges (violence, guns, other drugs...) involved. 

Why would there be restitution?
 If they were arrested WHILE it was illegal-- they broke THOSE laws that at that time were THE LAW.

The 18th Amendment to the US Constitution, enacting prohibition in 1919, made homebrewing in the USA illegal. When the 21st Amendment repealed prohibition in 1933, language legalizing home beer making was mistakenly left out (home wine making was legalized at that time). While home distilling and growing and use of Cannabis was still left illegal.

Just like those who were incarcerated during prohibition for rum-running, bootlegging etc... if there was no violence or other criminal activity involved- they were let out on "time served". They weren't given restitution-- they broke the law.
The ONLY reason that Marijuana was left ON the prohibition list, was because it is a plant, and can't be regulated as easily...

On October 14, 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed H.R. 1337,  an exemption from taxation for beer brewed at home for personal or family use.  This exemption went into effect in February 1979.

At this time- most Countries still make it illegal for people to distill alcohol at home, due to it's 'imminent dangers'.

There is nothing stating WHY Cannabis is still  part of "prohibition" aside from them wrongly classifying it as being a ''psychoactive drug" (as was alcohol at one time!)... and because of the violence associated with the illegal trade/imports of it.  This problem would no longer exist were Marijuana legalized-- as there would be no market for the  lower-quality "Ditch weed" imported from South America and Mexico.  Other drugs, such as Heroin and Cocain are often imported WITH the Cannabis-- so the Government could then focus on the more addictive/harmful drugs they SHOULD be eliminating .  Not to mention, focusing their time and resources into finding and destroying Meth Labs, instead of busting teenagers for a couple joints.

Much of the reason that Cannabis was made illegal STARTED with the 1937 "Marihuana tax act"... a way of destroying the hemp industry in favor of petroleum and wood.

For more info on the Tax act.. go to:

No matter what our Governments reasons, they are out of date, out of touch, and out-of their minds if they think the American people will continue to stand by and allow our individual rights to be trampled by the “Grand Old Pharts” who keep screaming about “Big Government” and “Personal Rights” when it comes to taxes, Guns , and healthcare… but want to keep this "herb" illegal... and criminalize anyone who uses or produces it.

There has been a start by allowing States to make their own laws on this matter-- but it is a SMALL start, if some Federal agents still insist on “busting” dispensaries and licensed growers.

Why not let “The People” decide AS A WHOLE --
across the country,
whether or not to legalize--
even if only for Medical use?
What are they afraid of??
That it will PASS before they can figure out how to make a profit from it?


Ok-- Michigan is now a Medical Marijuana State!
But still, many Sheriffs and Law-enforcement officials seem to be taking it upon themselves to be FEDERAL representatives instead of upholding local laws as they were hired/voted-in to do.

Locally- we now have 2 stores that carry hydroponic products. One (about 30 minutes from here) was welcomed with open arms by the small Community of Rothbury when they opened in early 2010. Rothbury's Officials and Police saw them as a small business that complies with all local laws and ordinances, and will bring much needed revenuw to the area.

This same store just opened a new location in the town of Ludington. This one however, was met with less than open minds. The Sheriff of Ludington has openly expressed (in the local papers) that he does not want "this type of enterprise, that will attract the wrong element and give the wrong impression that (we) approve of this behavior in MY town."

This led to a moratorium against Cafe's or dispensaries within Mason County (of which Ludington is the seat & largest City)
While I personally do not like the idea of dispensaries (there are too many loopholes in the regulations of them, and too many assholes who try to rob them) I do not like the thought that a Sheriff views this as his personal quest, and the County Board just follows behind like a flock of sheep.

I think this is the 1st step to getting to that point (finally) where those who legally obtain their medical license will be left alone.. to use or grow in the privacy of their own home... without the fear of reprisal from the narrow-minded officials and law enforcement of their small (or not so small- as in the case of Saginaw MI) towns.

If only President Obama would stand-up to his PROMISE and to what he publicly announced- that the DEA and Atty. General would STOP all pursuance of the prosecution of those people who live withing States that have mandated their OWN Medical Marijuana Laws, and focus on the import of hard drugs and the Cartels.

And if our own Atty. General Shutte wasn't so gung-ho on anti marijuana legislation -- the Medical Marijuana laws were passed BY THE PEOPLE-- now he and Governor Schneider are trying to re-write? Sorry- doesn't work that way (legally) unless there is a new vote put before the people of the State. Although, they are trying to do it behind closed doors anyway.!!

Go Figure!

April 1st, 2013... today, our Dictator, er, Governor  got his way and yet another  amendment to the Michigan Medical Marijuana act went into effect. This despite the fact that the people voted it into law as it was originally written, which makes these 'amendments'  basically unconstitutional, as they go against the vote of the people.

That said;
The new amendments make it illegal to have any amount of cannabis (marijuana) in a vehicle unless it is in a locked container and located in either the trunk of the car, or in the far back of a van, SUV or a lock-box in the bed of a pickup. This is supposedly so thatthe driver and passenger do not get a sudden urge to 'spark one up;' while driving.

Wait- is that how we will have to transport liquor? Do folks have to lock their beer and vodka in a lock-box in the trunk- or back in the toolbox in the bed of the pick-up? Wouldn't that lower the number of drunk drivers?


Explain please?  Both are legal to have, so why doesn't the law apply to both?

Oh yes! Because the 3-martini luncheons by CEO's, Lobbyists, Congressmen and Senators "at the club" before going back to work are totally ok and is a part of the normal daily life of a "Fat-Cat"; but a cancer patient using their meds a few hours before going somewhere outside their home is somehow 'unacceptable'.
How does that work- and why do we accept it?
Where is the outrage? Where are the petitions? Where the hell is NORML?