Left of Center... Political wit and worries (Updated)

Ok-- so I am not exactly a tree-hugging Liberal...
But I am also NOT a "Righty" Conservative...
or even a true "Moderate"...

I Guess I am just "Left of Center"... I believe STRONGLY on 95% of Social issues, but also follow my instincts, beliefs, mora;ls and upbringing on politics as well.

I do Not believe in "Sheeple"... people who blindly follow any view Just because "Their Team" espouses it.

Today, all too many Politicians Rant about why THEY are right about EVERYTHING....
NO ONE is right on everything!  But many (in my Humble opinion) are "Too far right" on many things!  And even MORE are now what I call "Hippocrats"... people who either say or believe-in whatever the polls or the populace deem "correct" for the day....

So- where to go from here?   Keep on Bitching--- Keep on writing to Congress, the Senate, the Whitehouse and the Media... and hope SOMEONE starts to listen.... If enough of us get involved- even with just a letter a month-- they will be bombarded and overwhelmed.. and MAYBE grow a braincell and realize that, to follow the will of the people is the ONLY thing they are elected for!


No vote at ALL on Gun regulations-- really???

Lets get this straight: I am not against guns, handguns, hunting, target practice, weapon collecting etc.. in fact, I own a gun, can shoot and hunt (quite well, thank you very much) and believe in the right for every American to own weapons if they so choose.

However: I also believe that there are individuals in our society who, through their own actions and behavior, have relinquished that right for the sake of public and personal safety.

Considering that we are the most violent Country on this earth and have more guns per capita than any other, you would also think that our Government would want to have some sort of regulations in order to maintain public safety: such as background checks so violent offenders, mental patients with a public record of violence or suicidal tendencies, and people with restraining orders against them can not get a weapon?

How is that controversial?
How can the G.O.P possibly warrant their proposed filibuster to not even allow the legislation to come to the floor for a vote!?

Why? Because if they vote "no" to background checks, they lose the votes of the 92% of Americans who want it passed... and if they vote "yes", they look like they agree with the President and the Democrats on something (God forbid) and lose the big-bucks they are getting from the lobbyists coercing them to block the legislation.
So what to do?
Lose the election and the trust of the people who voted you into office (and be out of a cushy job) --or lose a lot of money you need/want to run another campaign?
Hmm... EUREKA!
I know! Don't let anyone vote on it and you won't lose anything... except your dignity, self respect, and the trust of the entire country.

And how has it become so controversial in the first place? It is not like this past mass shooting is the first time it has happened in this country, or that this is such a new idea...this legislation has been talked about for 16 years!

It is because the far-right social media is doing it's best to use scare tactics to try to change the minds of the American majority who WANT background checks.

Contrary to what Fox News, conservative organizations and the CEO of the NRA would like us to believe- there is nothing in this legislation, nor would anything ever be able to pass legislation, that would allow the government or law enforcement to take away the guns people already own. (except in the case that it was due to an arrest for a felony.)

The requirement for a background check would effect nothing for those who legally are able to own and buy guns and ammunition... there are no black-op's forces coming to break down peoples doors to take your weapons, it just isn't going to happen.  You just show your ID at the gun shop, wait 20-30 minutes, and buy your gun and ammo.  What's the big deal?

Maybe if they would add an amendment so that after one passed background check, you get a card that allows you to buy anywhere for 6 to 8 months?

And I am sorry, but I agree with the amendment restricting the capacity of ammo clips. Sorry dude- but if you can't hit something with 10 or 15 shots, you have no business shooting... and is it really such a hardship to reload if you are at the range shooting for fun?

And talk about propaganda and scare tactics:
I am so sick of people trying to use Hitler and the Nazis as an analogy to this legislation...posting photos of  Jewish citizens being forced out of their homes and their weapons taken by Nazi soldiers... how does that compare?
Hitler was backed by a huge military of both volentary and mandatory recruits of all ages, and the backing, admiration and support of nearly the entire population of Germany. Propaganda had so brainwashed the masses to hate the Jews and Catholics, that the citizens supported the actions of the SS when they rounded up and murdered or locked-up entire families.

Fox news tries to say that this is what is happening here- that the President and Democrats are brainwashing the country to want gun laws. Of course, our wanting some semblance of safety measures  has nothing to do with the fact that nearly every family in this country has been touched in some way by gun violence, and would feel safer with a background check and ammo limitations in place.

Maybe it is the Far-Reich, er-right, and their Media-mouthpiece that should be represented by the Hitler images and talk of brainwashing.

Ya think?

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