Tuesday, March 26, 2013

So...this is where I begin..... Updated

 With all the witticisms , political comments,and personal  opinions I spew around the house ( and on-line) everyone thought I should start my own Blog.

Does anyone really think that what I say is worth sharing;  or are they simply hoping that if I'm busy writing my rants, It's less likely they have to hear them them?

I dunno... but does it really matter?


Of course, now that I have this wonderfully liberating outlet, I was stumped at what to write!

So I Started with a simple "Hello" page and a few pages of rants on subjects I was active in at the time..

Now I have started writing articles for different publications, some free some not- some of which I will share here, and those that I can't- I can still talk about them.

Be forewarned-- I can get Hot-headed and emphatic on some topics...

and MANY of my topics are controversial-

So if you are easily offended, against anything considered 'controversial" such as the legalizing of Marijuana, LGBT issues, Women's rights or the religious right... or if you are unable to see both sides of a subject, you may want  to turn back now!

Thanks for coming!
Pull up a chair (you may have to move a cat off it first)  settle in, have a good time--


Join-in the conversation!!!!

Lady Zandra