Tuesday, March 26, 2013

So...this is where I begin..... Updated

 With all the witticisms and political opinions I spew around the house ( and on-line) everyone thought I should start my own Blog.

Does anyone really think that what I say is worth sharing;  or are they simply hoping that if I'm busy writing my rants, It's less likely they have to hear them them?

I dunno... but does it really matter?

Of course, now that I have this wonderfully liberating outlet, I was stumped at what to write!

So I Started with a simple "Hello" page and a few pages of rants on subjects I was active in at the time..

Now I have started writing articles for different publications, some free some not- some of which I will share here, and those that I can't- I can still talk about them.

Be forewarned-- I can get Hot-headed and emphatic on some topics...
and MANY of my topics are controversial-
So if you are easily offended, against anything considered 'controversial" such as the legalizing of Marijuana, or Women's rights... or if you are unable to see both sides of a subject, you may want  to turn back now!

Thanks for coming! Pull up a chair (you may have to or cat off it first) settle in, have a good time--
Join-in the conversation!!!!

Lady Zandra

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