Daily Musings- Updated daily

Yep-- this is the actual "Blog" part...
I decided to make it separate from the "Home" page, so visitors have the choice to read whatever parts interest them, and avoid those they deem "unacceptable" or too controversial.

I decided to completely overhaul this Blog... it was just too out-dated.  I WAS going to abandon it altogether- and I did start another one at a different host site... but seeing as I am already listed here, and have followers (I think y'all are still here??) I think I'll take the time to re-vamp!!

That's MOSTLY what I've been doing today... other than Doing some minor indoor gardening, opening the local Kitchen for breakfast & lunch, and caring for a sick Hubby!

Hopefully- My future "daily" posts will be more interesting!!!


Updating the Update!

Computer issues, daily life, health and other assorted oddities have kept me from here WAY too long...
Getting 'on the ball' and up-to date...

Will be sharing the new stories I am covering for other Publications, Weekly events & Changes, and  most likely some Rants.. especially concerning The State-of -the-State of Michigan and the current Dictatorship we've allowed ourselves to be led into in this Country.... and are too compliant to stand against...

Where is the Outrage? 
Where are the Protesters?

If there were as many people coming out against the idiocy being shown in the White House as I saw at the Pro-Legalization Rally, and the Pro-Union Rally- MAYBE there would be SOME change in their mentality and attitude toward ALL our Citizens!?Wwhy aren't at least THOSE people banding together to stand up for "the People" ????

Has Michigan really become a State of 'the Sheeple"?????
Has This Country resigned itself to becoming a Dictatorship or Oligarchy?
Damn.. I'm giving myself a migraine.

April 9th

Today is My Daughter Mary's birthday! Can't believe she is now 23- but that is partly because she still acts/looks 16...wish I did ...feel like it I mean; the family says I act like a teenager sometimes... so it's all good- right?

No Party, she insisted not make a  "big deal' out of it- so she had her presents on Saturday (she just has NO patience- and we didn't want to listen to the whining anymore!) and today, she has a friend coming over for video-games, BBQ and an ice-cream cake. I'm staying scarce and using this time to my advantage and getting some writing done-- no kids bugging me for anything when they are glued to the Wii!

We have been eying the chicks at the local farm supplier. Can't help it,; they are so darned cute, and we miss our chickens. But since free-ranging them is no longer an option (renovations to the yard and a new deck) it wasn't fair to them, so they got a new home nearby (No! NOT at KFC!)

Once we get a new larger pen made for the goat, then we'll build a proper small coop and fenced yard for some chickens... and maybe a couple of ducks.. and another one for some turkeys... oh and get another goat for milk.... well, maybe not all this year...especially with a 100 x 70 garden and 2 10 x 12 greenhouses to deal with.

Spring has sprung here at "camp swampy" as my Dad calls it... so much melt-off and rain that we need a 4x4 to get up the driveway and the front yard has seagulls hovering over it...
But it's warmer, slowly getting greener, and the days longer... so I'm quite happy- and antsy to get started growing things outdoors!

Well- all for now, keep on tuning in and I'll be posting some new pages quite soon.
Be forewarned- a few may be a bit heated and political, but that's what blogs are all about: a place to fume and voice our opinions without taking any crap for it... isn't it?

Wednesday, March 27-

No big rants today... just whining... well not a lot really, just...

Do any of you get up early to try to get more done in a day , only to find yourself already "out of steam" before you get 1/2 of it done?

Got up at 5:30 and worked for 3 1/2 hours cleaning the basement... came upstairs to take a break for a Protein shake and some PC time before I have to start cleaning 2 Bathrooms, the kitchen and the floors (Company tomorrow and Sunday) and I'm already at the "can I stop now" point!

Getting older sucks!

Due to my back condition (permanent nerve damage and 6 ruptured disks) and my other health issues- working all day just is NOT an option.. in fact- usually 2 hours of anything does me in... but after a couple hours rest I'm usually up  for another hour or so of housework (The never ending battle! 2 cats 2 Dogs 3 kids--er- 2 kids and a hubby... keeps me busy!)

Today, my usual helper is MIA-- Sissy is down for the count with a severely abscessed tooth that is making her uber sick... Dentist said has to be taken care of in the hospital, but they have taken over 2 weeks to call us with a date! HOW do they expect people to live in pain and with a raging infection like this? Especially a kid with Aspergers Syndrome?
So- another call to the Dentist as soon as they open (10 more minutes!) and We MAY be heading to town for more antibiotics... yippee.

BUT-- It's a beautiful, sunny day-  even if it is only 36 degrees.....
 it's warm here by the heater and in my wooly bathrobe....
Gonna finish off my Shake- Check the Email... and I'm off again!

See ya soon!